How do I Know if a Medical Billing and Coding School is Accredited?

accrediIf you are contemplating a career in medical billing and coding, you may already know how important a sound education and work experience can be. What you may not already know is how to find an accredited program. The first step to finding an accredited medical coding and billing program is understanding what accreditation is. Accreditation is significantly important to all training, diploma and certificate medical coding programs because it ensures that the teaching institution meets the standards of excellence accrediting authorities require. In simpler terms, think of accreditation as a safe guard to both you, the educational institution, and your future employer because medical coding and billing accreditation requires programs to maintain a threshold of educational quality, industry innovations, and consistent improvement as both technology and medicine advance and evolve. The second step to know if a billing and medical coding program is accredited is to check with agencies considered national authorities on medical billing and coding, health information management, and health informatics.

These agencies include:
The American Academy of Professional Coders
The American Health Information Management Association

The third and final “safe guard” step to determining if a medical billing and coding school is accredited is to verify the institution of learning is accredited by national authorities on higher education. These authorities include:
The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
The Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges
The Western Association of Schools and Colleges

One final additional step you could take in knowing if a medical billing and coding school is accredited is by choosing a program from our rankings:
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Since we did the research and collected the most up to date information on top medical billing and coding schools, you can be certain the programs we list are not only accredited but great programs certain to provide you with the education, experience, and qualifications you need to succeed as a medical billing and coding professional.