Top 25 Medical Billing and Coding Blogs

Medical billing and coding is a growing career opportunity in the healthcare field. The work, in a nutshell amounts to ensuring that healthcare providers correctly charge for all legitimate services rendered, and that patients do not get overbilled.

This work is part of what the US BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) labels Medical Records and Health Information Technicians category. The BLS estimates the category as growing at a rate of 22% in terms of job outlook between 2012 and 2022 — which is roughly 41,100 new jobs in that time period. However, with the federal government-mandated switchover on Oct 1, 2015, in the United States to the ICD-10 coding system (in use in other countries for up to 20 years already), there may in fact be many more jobs. With a growing number of mobile and web apps analyzing health data, the opportunities are greater. for someone with the appropriate knowledge.

In general, it’s more important than ever for physicians / healthcare providers, medical billers and coders and other interested parties to stay on top of any information about medical billing and coding. This collection of blogs collectively provides news/ updates, tips, opinions/ reflection, resources, reviews and more about medical coding and billing. Whatever your interest, the blogs covered in this list are a good place to start. Some of the blogs listed here focus purely on medical billing and coding, whereas others cover a broader range of topics, especially in terms of medical billing for a healthcare practice.


  • MBCS = Medical Billing and Coding Specialist.
  • MBCC = Medical Billing and Coding Certification.
  • MICB = Medical Insurance Coding and Billing.
  • Check AHIMA (American Health Information Management Assocation) for accredited Medical Billing and Coding schools before signing up for any program.
  • The ICD-10 coding system is scheduled to come into effect in the United States on Oct 1, 2015, at the time of writing. However, history has shown multiple delays, so the date is possibly subject to change

25. Meditec Blog


Meditec, part of, focuses on educating students primarily in the medical/ healthcare field. While the main site covers more than medical coding and billing, there are some articles in this category worth reading. Recent relevant blog posts include:

24. HBMA Public News


HBMA (Healthcare Billing and Management Association) is an organization whose members are medical billing companies – roughly under 50% of such companies in the United States, although reputedly representing “nearly 80% of claims submitted by third party medical billing companies.” In addition to the public news, the main site offers a large set of tools and resources for medical billing companies. The news covers announcements of talks, conferences, symposiums, webinars, initiatives and other information relevant to medical coding and billing.

23. AAPC News


AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) has the objective of educating and certifying physician-based medical coders. In addition to the news blog, the main site has links for training and certification, continuing education, jobs, networking, resources, coding books, ICD-10 information and more. Recent blog posts include:

22. ReimbursementMD Blog


Healthcare Information Services (HIS) is self-described as a “physician management company that specializes in revenue cycle solutions, management, and consulting services,” with a focus on radiology and orthopedics. Services include medical transcription, practice management consulting, ICD-10 preparedness consulting and education and more. Recent ReimbursementMD blog posts include:

21. CrystalVoxx Blog


CrystalVoxx offers medical billing and coding consulting to physicians, medical transcription services, and accounting and payroll solutions. Recent blog posts include:

20. Coder Coach


Coder Coach is the blog of Kristi Pollard, who has multiple certifications and is a senior consultant for Haugen Consulting Group. Her day job includes teaching medical coding, developing course curriculum, and conducting audits. She also has a number of speaking engagements in 2015. While her work covers both ICD-9 and ICD-10, her blog focuses more on ICD-10 information and resources, due to her more recent experience as a trainer and task force member (Colorado) for ICD-10. Recent blog posts include a threepart series reviewing books of interest to medical coders and billers, and covering ICD-10, HCPCS/ CPT and other coding systems and subsets.

19. Practice Management Blog


PracticeSuite is a publisher of software for revenue cycle management. In addition to their Practice Management blog, the main site presents products and solutions (which includes a free version of their software), and resources for learning and implementing ICD-10. Recent blog posts include:

18. CareCloud Blog


CareCloud offers Cloud (Web)-based healthcare tools for physicians and other providers. Their blog is primarily physician focused and covers various topics including medical coding and billing. Recent blog posts include:

17. MedAdvantage Resources Medical Coding & Billing Blog


MedAdvantage Resources offers medical coding training, CPC prep, a medical terinology and anatomy course, onsite training and more. Their Medical Coding and Billing blog focuses on the process of becoming a medical coder, deciding on a coding school, the types of testing you will need to pass, and what to expect working in the field. Recent blog posts include:

16. Shimcode – ICD-10 Impact

r16-shimcode is a blog focusing on the impact of the ICD-10 coding system upon healthcare payers and providers. Recent blog posts include:

15. Blog

r15-medicalbillersandcoders is a medical billing services and practice management consulting company that covers multiple medical specialties. In addition to their Medical Billing Blog, the main site has information about revenue cycle management, ICD-10 and more. Recent blog posts include:

14. News


ICD10monitor, part of Panacea Healthcare Solutions, Inc., is a site dedicated to the ICD-10 coding system. In addition to the multi-author blog, the main site offers news, resources, webcast classes, a weekly podcast, featured videos, training materials under the banner of “ICD University,” Recent blog posts include:

13. Everest College – Medical Billing and Coding Blog


Everest College is a collection of campuses offering career (academic and practical) training in a number of fields — one of which is medical billing and coding. The school’s Medical Billing and Coding blog articles cover career advice, HIPAA, study tips, salary information and more. Recent blog posts include:

12. Medical Billing and Coding Blog


The Medical Billing and Coding site covers most aspects of this field, with detailed information about ICD-9, ICD-10, Medicare and Medicaid, salary expectations in this line of work and more. The blog covers terminology, coding procedures, etc. Recent blog posts include:

11. SuperCoder Bolt/ Coding News


SuperCoder Bolt, formerly CodingNews, offers medical coding advice and news for various points of view: healthcare providers, medical coders and billers, and patients. In addition to the blog, the main has coding challenges, coding and billing tools. The blog covers provider news, coding news and especially ICD-10 articles. Full-text blog post access requires free registration. Recent blog posts include:

10. – Medical Coding Blog

r10-codingcertification focuses on helping people get certified for medical coding and billing, and practice management. In addition to the blog, the main site offers guides, tools and webinars, four categories of courses/ exam prep options, continuing education options and more. Recent blog posts include:

9. Career Step Blog – Coding and Billing


CareerStep, in collaboration with academic partners, provides online education and training in the healthcare field – which includes medical coding and billing and other programs. Tuition assistance available for qualified individuals and scholarships ($0.5M in 2015; $2,000 awards to military spouses). The main CareerStep blog (different from the “Referral” blog) covers medical coding and billing as well as other topics. Recent blog posts include:

8. Capture Billing – Medical Billing & Coding Blog


Capture Billing is a medical billing services and practice management consulting company. In addition to the Medical Billing and Coding blog post articles, the main site offers press release, videos, and infographics. Recent blog posts include:

7. Codebusters Blog


Codebusters is a health information services provider whose services include HIM/HIT solutions, clinical documentation , ICD-10 transition consulting, several free ICD-10 training courses, and more. The Codebusters blog often covers a series of medical coding exercises, with each post detailing in-depth the process to apply to determine the appropriate code. Recent blog posts include:

6. ICD10 Watch Blog


The ICD10Watch site, from HealthcareIT News and Healthcare Finance, offers resources, polls and a playbook on ICD-10 medical coding. The blog exclusively covers ICD-10 coding. Recent blog posts include:

5. HAPUSA Medical Billing and Coding Blog


HAP (Healthcare Administrative Partners) USA is a medical billing company. In addition to other news and other information, they have a blog focused on radiology and oncology, with a significant number of posts specifically about medical billing and coding. Recent blog posts include:

4. M-Scribe Medical Billing Blog


M-Scribe is a medical billing service company. In addition to whitepapers, webinars and medical documentation for ICD-10, their blog covers tips and best practices for healthcare providers on the matter of medical billing. Recent blog posts include:

3. ImplementHIT Blog


ImplementHIT is an eLearning tech sites for physicians and nurses, although its blog covers a considerable number of issues in terms of medical coding in detailed posts. Recent blog posts include:

2. Kareo – Getting Paid | Medical Billing and Practice Management Blog


Getting Paid blog, by software publisher Kareo, focuses on the management of a medical practice and the necessary medical billing effort. The multi-author blog offers “ideas, news and opinions” and covers both ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding with fairly in-depth posts. Recent blog posts include:

1. HCPro ICD-10 Trainer


HCPro/ Just Coding’s blog focuses entirely on the ICD-10 coding system, taking an interesting approach to highlight various codes. The author(s) tell little stories of a fictional character, what happens to the character, and then indicates which ICD-10 codes are suitable for the scenario. Recent blog posts include:

  • A little clarity on seventh characters, which presents a scenario about Jeff, who goes to Hawaii on vacation and returns with a broken ankle, and the resulting ICD-10 codes for his visit to an ED physician.
  • Nonunion, malunion, or delayed healing?, which presents a scenario about Wendy, who stubs her toe before Christmas, and the resulting injury and associated ICD-10 code.
  • No pot of gold for you, which presents a scenario about Liam, who tried to make green Guinness beer for St. Patrick’s Day, ended up with toxic poisoning, and the associated ICD-10 codes, with a comparison to the workflow of determining the codes for ICD-9.